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I started this blog on January 31st 2011. Since then I made 17.756 posts of which most show art, illustration, graffiti, streetart, sculpture, tattoo art, photography, performance and typography. During hundreds of hours that I’ve wasted on the internet in the last 3,5 years I’ve found and got to know thousands of astonishing artists whose work really impressed me.

Looking for and sharing these works definitely changed my sense for aesthetics as much as it changed my taste. I’ve also grown on this as a person and I think that I can say that my momentary artistic skills as prospective art student result from and rely on these past 3,5 years.

I really hope that my little project here gave something to you all, who are following this blog - partly since the very beginning. Sadly, I’m only in touch with a part of you, but everyone who tells me that he or she appreciates my work, raises a smile on my face. Some of the artists I really look up to and that I was lucky to meet, told me that they know and like my blog which somehow a weird feeling.

But why do I write this? I feel like that most of the artists that I have shown on this blog need some more appreciation and attention which is why I’m going to reblog my favorite works from my past blogging years. I hope you are all down with that.

Feel free to through my archive, there’s a lot to see there:

Also check out my personal blog if you want to know who I am and what I’m doing all day:

Thank you for everything,